Springers Dog Club - Agility & Flyball - Event Details
Event Details

Tim's Birthday Bash - 25th March
Details:   Tim's Birthday Bash at Greenhead Masonic Club, starts at 7.30pm
Address:   Greenhead Masonic Club, 26 Greenhead Rd HD1 4EN
Event:   Activities
Organiser:   Tim
Party Goer:   Click Here to add your name to the list
FLYBALL Competition - 25th March
Details:   Flyball competition Newark showground
Address:   Newark Showground, Lincoln Road, Winthorpe, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY
Event:   Flyball
Organiser:   Please see Helen Gordon - Flyball Competition Coordinator if you have any queries
URL:   http://www.flyball.org.uk/official/diary.php