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Event Details

Saddleworth Show - 2nd July
Details:   Displays to be held in main arena, fun dog show in adjacent ring. Trailer to be loaded after training on the 27th. Setup day before from 2pm. On the day whole team on site 9.30- 5pm, displays times 11.30 and 2.30pm, with have a go in between. Fun dog show taking entries from 10 and will start around 12ish to 4ish Car parking very limited, car parking location and number of spaces to be confirmed on Thursday, also if you park on site you cannot leave until the show closes. Due to space constraints, only bring dogs that are involved in displays. If map required go to website, link below
Address:   Well'i'hole Farm, Well'i'hole Road, Greenfield, Saddleworth, OL3 7HY
Event:   Show
Organiser:   Ben and Tina
URL:   http://www.saddleworthshow.org.uk/
Saddleworth Show:   Click Here to Enter Your Name for the Saddleworth Show