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March 2020:

Important notice in light of the recent coronavirus (COVID - 19) outbreak

Following government guidelines issued recently, all Springers activities are suspended until further notice.  At the current time we do not know how this situation will affect our attendance at public events or our next beginners training course in October

All information and updates will be posted where possible on this site.  Please note that we are unable to offer any training places on any courses at the current time.

Stay safe and healthy

The Springer Team


4th April 2019 

We have a new Club Sponsor!  Many thanks to Holme Veterinary Centre for sponsoring the Club for a year.  A link to their website is here.. http://holmevets.com/ 

14th February 2019

Congratulations to Isla and Margaret on accruing the points for warrant agility silver

27th January 2019

Congratulations to Holly and Jane on accruing the points for warrant agility platinum at Ribble DTC. Also Freddie and Dave for getting to bronze at the same show and paul and Taz for winning 2 agility classes to get to 3.2, one win away from grade 4

15th December

Congratulations again to Blake and Jane. This time on Blake getting to grade 6 at Dog Vegas Bishop Burton. Further underlining this by winning another agility the next day

8th December

Congratulations to Blake and Jane on accruing the points for warrant agility bronze

1st December

Congratulations to Dave and Freddie on getting to grade 5 with an agility win at Wyre. Also to Riley on accruing the points to attain Bronze warrant and tracey and Bella have qualified for the Dog Vegas qualifiers, so another champagne breakfast

10th November

Congratulations to Tracey and Bella on getting to grade 4 with an agility win at dog Vegas Oakridge

27th October

Congratulations to Ruby and Gez on obtaining agility warrant gold. Also Riley going to 6.2 and Blake going to 5.2. Dave and Freddie got a jumping win as well

7th October

Congratulations to the large team on qualifying again for Crufts at Wilton. This is the second time in three years

24th September

Congratulations to Dave and Freddie on moving up to grade 4

21st September

Congratulations to Jane and Blake on winning a jumping class 5.1 now

15th September

Amber has gone platinum

30th July

Congratulations to Jane and Blake on moving up to grade 5, that is two shows and two win outs. Next stop KCI

29th July

Congratulations to Tracy and Bella on coming 3rd in the Dog Vegas finals. Three must be their lucky number as they have moved up to grade 3

27th May

Congratulations to Holly and Jane on obtaining agility warrant gold

8th April

Congratulations to Amber and Nigel on obtaining agility warrant gold

24th March

A good day out at Newark for both flyball teams with Springers coming away with a fourth place and Zebedees a third. Great effort by all dogs and handlers with consistent running and few lights. Well done to everyone for coping with the noise level! Looking forward to some better weather and getting outside. Fingers crossed!


17th February

Congratulations to Tracy and Bella on winning out to grade 2 at Dog Vegas Oakridge

Bella getting to grade 2

20th January

Congratulations to Gez and Riley, their first show of 2018 saw them winning a jumping class. This clear win has moved Riley to 5.1.

13th January

Well done to both flyball teams for braving the early start (Springers!)and freezing cold (both!) for our first outing of 2018 at Scorton on 13th January. We had a good day out and all the dogs ran really well with Springers coming away with a 6th place and Zebedees with a 3rd place in a tightly fought division.

16th December

Best runs today at Dog Vegas Bishop Burton were by Tracey and Bella. They started the day by coming third in the Medium Agility 1-5 Dog Vegas qualifier, so they will be in the finals at Dog Vegas Matlock in July. They then went and had a wonderful clear winning run in the 1-4 Jumping. Riley, Amber and Holly all had second places.

11th November

Congratulations to Gez and Riley on winning out to grade 5 at the Dog Vegas Oakridge show

24th September

Very well done to Dave and Freddie for winning out to grade 3 with a clear Agility win at Dog Vegas Southwell. This was their first clear Agility win, all that hard work with the contacts is paying off. 

3rd September

Whilst on holiday in Jersey with Springers, Nigel and Amber won the Jersey Agility Cup for the best overall performance of the weekend.

28th August

Congratulations to Margaret and Lottie for winning out to grade 5 at the Docs Dogs show

26th August

Congratulations to Ben And Dolly for winning out to grade 5 at Wilton, also Riley and Kai gots wins at the same show

20th August

Zebedees also came 2nd in their division (13), at the BFA Champs.

19th August

Congratulations to Dave and Freddie on winning out to grade 2 at Dog Vegas Winterton

18th August

Well done to Springers flyball team who came second in their division (48), at the BFA Champs. They narrowly missed out on first place, with 5 legs required in the last race.

25th July

Congratulations to Gez & Ruby on getting to grade 7 at the Dog Vegas Matlock show. Jane & Holly got a jumping win at the same show and Tracey & Bella got a win with faults. Dave with Freddie also got several wins with faults

24th June

Congratulations to Margaret and Isla for winning out at Lune Valley at the weekend and going to grade 5, also Margaret with Lottie won out to grade 4 at the same event well done all three

4th June

Congratulations to Zebedee's on getting a new time of 18.61 seconds at the Dog house flyball event this weekend

26th May-30th May

Ben & Dolly and Gez & Riley won out at Dog Vegas Matlock to put them both at grade 4.
Nigel & Amber had 2 agility and 1 jumping win, Jane & Holly also had a jumping win at the same show

29th April - 1st May

Gez & Ruby won a Jumping and Agility class at Adams Agility Show. Ruby is now only 1 win from Grade 7. Jane & Holly had a Jumping win at Dog Vegas Ramsey.

2nd April

Another successful Spring Fling.

Spring Fling Results 2017

The results page is designed to be easily viewed on a phone, so will appear large on a computer screen.

16th March

Some more good news from Crufts, Sarah and Fergus came second in class

Fergus 2nd in Class

12th March

Springers held their annual fun show, 'a good day today thank you to everyone for supporting and helping out where needed'. The Mayor and Mayoress attended, and were presented with a cheque for £500 for their chosen charity, The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Mayor at Fun Show

 The Large Springers Crufts Podium Placed Team made the Examiner over the weekend.

Large Springers Podium Placed Team

9th March

Large Team Finals at Crufts!

Springers are officially the 3rd best team in the country!! 

Large Crufts team getting 3rd Crufts 2017

12th Feb

Nigel & Amber won a jumping class and came second with a clear agility run, Jane & Holly also got a clear second place, for a jumping class, both at Phase Purple Agility, Catterick

11th Feb

Flyball - 'a fantastic day of flyball at Newark showground. Both teams ran their hearts out, culminating in Springers coming third in their division, great result as we didn't have much chance on paper, and Zebedees coming second in their division with a new time of 19.84. We just lost out on the final leg to the top seeds in a deciding leg.'

Agility - Jane & Holly won a jumping class at Phase Purple Agility, Catterick

10th Feb

Dave & Freddie won a jumping class at Phase Purple Agility, Catterick, just one more win to get to grade 2!

5th Feb

Agility training starts again after the winter break. Please visit the training schedule page to check your class times.

See Silvia's Freddie and learn about kennel cough here

22nd Jan

The first flyball training of 2017, at the end of the class Geraldine was presented with Ruby's 1000 point award! 

Penultimate winter walk, organised by Sue and Steve around Digley Reservoir, Nr Holmfirth.

Social walk at Digley

The final social walk of the winter is to be around Scout Dyke reservoir  on Sunday 29th Jan. Full details on the events page.

14th Jan

Dave & Freddie had a lovely clear jumping win at Dog Vegas Oakridge, it was hard to decide which of them had the bigger smile after the run. It was Nigel & Amber's first show at grade 7 and they won their Agility class!

18th Dec

Paul & Taz won the combined 1-3 agility class to progress to Grade 2 and Gez & Ruby won the graded 5-7 agility class to progress to Grade 6.1, both at Dog Vegas Bishop Burton. 

17th Dec

Nigel & Amber have reached Grade 7 with a superb agility win at Dog Vegas Bishop Burton. They have gone all the way from Grade 2 to Grade 7 in 2016!!

19th Nov

Well done to Alice & Sammy. They had 2 wins at Wilmslow DTC show at Mysersough. This was twice as many as required for them to reach Grade 6. At 12 years old Sammy can now look forward to Veterans classes having gone out on such a high.

16th Oct

Whilst Gez was judging at Newton Heath Independant Agility show, she decided it was time to introduce Riley to anysize competition. In one class he got 10 faults, but then won the next, 'it was a fairly easy straight forward course with just jumps and tunnels he just gathered speed and it was just a case of pointing him in the right direction'. Gez makes it sound so easy!

2nd Oct

An amazing day at Wilton. The large team won the Crufts qualifier. The team consisting of some of the oldest and one of the newest members accrued only 10 faults, well done to Captain Gez, Pat, Paul and Sylvia. Their run can be seen here, or by going to the teams video section at the bottom of the Agility page.  Jane & Holly won out to Grade 7, making them the first Grade 7 pair at Springers. Nigel & Amber won 2 classes at Myerscough the day before and 1 at Wilton to get to 6.3, 1 win away from Grade 7. Tina & Mac had an Agility and a Jumping win, taking them to one win from Grade 6. Margaret & Lottie had a Jumping win, their first in competition. Charles & Robbie also won and Agility class, but with 5 faults.

Well done to Paul + Taz who won their first class, with a clear jumping win at Hare'n'Hounds.

A number of agility competitions that may be of interest to people has been put on the events calendar. Please note that the show in the 15th October closes on Monday, so don't delay.

A list has been created for people to express an interest in Tuesday evening training at Woodnook Equestrian Centre Honley.  Training will start on the 11th October, setup from 19:00 until about 20:45. Cost will be £3 per head. The link to the list is from the home page on the button marked WOODNOOK. If you have multiple dogs please enter each separately. If the list gets long, then 2 groups may be formed, which would run on alternative Tuesdays.

Saturday 3 Sept.

Springers ran in Div. 6, and were listed as bottom seed. On the day, we ended up being down to 4 dogs -

Dolly (only had 1 comp before), Molly (never run in a comp before) Mac and Dafydd (his eyes are starting to fail!). Kai still uncertain!

However, they came 5th in a seven team division, and the four dogs ran their hearts out. A long day for all of them and they were feeling the effects at the end of racing.

Nevertheless, a fine spirited performance from them all!

Sunday 4 Sept

Zebedees ran in Division 4, and again were in a seven team division. and took it by storm!

Again we only had 4 dogs - Barney, Flynn, Taz and Albie but they were on fire. They stormed home with six wins out of 6, five 3 - 0 victories and one 3 - 1 victory, losing only the one leg in 19 legs. They were lovely to watch, excellent changeovers, and absolutely flying. As good a performance as we have ever had from them, I think, and they were worthy winners of the division.

Let's hope we can keep this level of performance in future comps.

Well done to Charles and Robbie who won out to Grade 3 with a clear Agility win at Agility Nuts at Thoresby Hall.

There were so many Springers winners at DV Winterton, I am still compiling the full list!! Highlights include Gez + Ruby reaching Grade 6, Tina + Mac reaching Grade 5, Nigel + Amber reaching Grade 6. Just as impressive was Jenny + Little Holly. For the first time in a competition, little Holly was brave enough to stay in the ring and complete the whole course, although it wasn't clear, they received the loudest cheer at the show when they finished.

Well done to Springers Flyball team for coming 4th, Zeberdees went one better coming 3rd at the Flyball Champs at Catton Hall.

Whilst we all like to treat our dogs, please look at this chart by Royal Canin showing how many calories there are in the treats we feed our pooches.Treats to donuts comparison.

A good time was had by all Springers, who enjoyed the sunshine at the Dog Vegas Matlock July Finals Show. It was Tracey + Bella's first show, they both ran well, with two 2nd place results. Tina + Mac won a Jumping class progressing them closer to Grade 5, Jane + Holly also won a Jumping class progressing them to 6.1. Margaret + Isla won an Agility and Jumping class, but no progression as they are between grades. Nigel + Amber won an Agility and a Jumping class, but both with under a second in time faults, Grade 6 remains just one clear win away!. Julie + Daisy and Amanda + Kai had clear rounds but with time faults. 

Zebedee's came 2nd in Division 4, Springers came 3rd. Starters all ran well in their first show.  Photos will be available from Tuesday to buy from www.stuartlaverickphotography.com use flyball as client login to view the photos.

The list is now available on the events calendar for the BBQ and walk on Saturday 10th September.

Margaret + Isla were the standout performers at Lune Valley show. They had 7 consecutive clear rounds over the weekend. Winning out to Grade 4 and achieving 2nd,  3 x 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th places. Tina + Mac, Tina + Dolly, Sylvia + Poppy, Amanda + Kai, and Jane + Holly all had clear rounds, good enough to get placed but not to win.

Springers put on a great display at Saddleworth show with many positive comments from the crowds and organisers.

Barneys has qualified for Crufts AGAIN!!!. The qualifier was on the 18th June in Ayrshire . 11 teams took part. Barney is racing with Watsons Flyball Team. The team came second but qualified as the first two teams go through to crufts next year. He ran as lead dog in all the legs and all the races. Steve is quoted saying he is 'Really proud of him'!! I see another trip to Crufts being organised once the schedules are known.

Springers venture South! Well to Dog Vegas Thetford, Norfolk, for one day. Nigel + Amber had 2 clear wins, (1 agility and 1 jumping). This puts Amber only one win from Grade 6

Springers put on a good display of Cleverdogs at Berry Brow Carnival. Many thanks to all who helped.

Another sucessfull show at Honley. Many thanks to all members who helped on the day.Honley 2016

Well done to Zeberdees who won Division 5 with a time of 20.75 at the Flyball competition in Huddersfield this weekend. Steve + Barney also gained their Advanced award certificate for reaching 5000 points. 

News from Notts Champs. Both large and small teams ran well in the Crufts qualifiers, but don't book your tickets for March yet! Various members had clear rounds in other classes, but such was the exalted competition, that no one won.

Well done to Margaret + Isla, who won out to grade 3 with a clear Agility win, they cemented this success by winning clear in a jumping class as well.

A good day for Springers at High Peak Show. Tina + Dolly, Margaret + Isla and Nigel + Amber all won clear in Jumping classes. Margaret + Isla and Jane + Holly also won classes, but with 5 faults.