Springers Dog Club - Agility & Flyball - Want to join?
Want to join?

Welcome to Springers and a big hello to all you enthusiastic enquirers!

Whether new to the sport or not, all beginner Springers are invited to join the club through our introductory beginners course. The purpose being to get you to socialise with your dogs and learn how the club runs before you actually commit to full membership.

What is the beginner's course?

The beginner's course is an introduction for you and your dog where you will learn to negotiate the various agility obstacles. The course runs over a ten-week period, at the end of which you will have a reasonable idea as to whether your dog is enjoying the sport (not to mention whether or not you can keep up with him/her!!) Either way we can guarantee that you will have made some really good friends and had a good time having a go! We try to provide training at a reasonable cost and restrict class sizes so that everyone has a reasonable amount of instruction time.

Don't forget that all dogs will learn at a different rate, and some dogs will take to the sport more than others. Don't be despondent if you seem to be achieving less than others. We will advise if we feel that your dog is not coping with the training. You don't have to own a springer to join Springers, we cater for any breed (with consideration being given to size and shape, obviously Agility is not suitable for all).

Whilst we are sympathetic to all potential agility converts, we do insist that you have a reasonable level of control over your dog, and can recall your dog. We would suggest that your dog attends some form of basic obedience training, and have achieved a reasonable level of obedience BEFORE attempting agility training.

We are unable to cater for AGGRESSIVE DOGS and handlers.

How do I enrol?

Enrolment will reopen in July 2019, please check back then to complete the online application form.

What happens after I've completed the beginners course?

Following the completion of this course, you will be invited to continue with the club and join in with all the other activities we organise. The club closes from Christmas until February, following your beginners course we willl be running a slightly more advanced course for you to progress your training.

What's the atmosphere like at the club?

Above all please remember that Springers "do it for fun". If you are seeking highly competitive training, our club may not be for you. Some members do go on to compete, (and are very successful) but we also cater for those who do not wish to do so. Many of our members pop along when they feel like it just for that reason.

Springers never miss a chance to party!

We meet for social walks and events during the Christmas closure period. You will be most welcome to join the happy troop of club members on these occasions if you wish to do so.